6 Great Reasons Why People are Moving to Valencia, Spain


Valencia is becoming known as a trendy holiday destination and an enjoyable weekend spot for travellers in the UK to catch a bit of sunshine in Southern Europe. It’s also a popular retirement location with many UK and French buyers grabbing themselves a bargain property, according to this Immobilier France agency. Here are 5 reasons Valencia is becoming a desirable travel and relocation spot.

  • Valencia Cuisine – For someone who loves to experience new and unique world cuisine, Valencia can certainly wow you with its food! Valencia is primarily notable for being the original birthplace of paella, and you can enjoy it with great gusto in Valencia in its many varieties, but there are plenty of other appealing cuisine options that are top-notch so visit as many restaurants as you are able during your trip!3
  • Exciting Nightlife – Valencia enjoys lively nightlife so you are ensured a good time in an openly friendly and fun environment. Nightlife in Valencia is much more than a big, enjoyable party, but a cultural experience as Valencia nightlife is quite diverse as well as famous across Spain.
  • Valencian Fiestas – When considering how well Valencians maintain their traditions and with great fervor–the utmost expression of their those tradition is are the numerous Fiestas that occur all year long, culminating with the globally famous, Las Fallas. Las Fallas treats you to a wide variety of spectacular and colourful cultural experiences for your enjoyment.
  • Valencia’s Beaches – Among other diverse features, Valencia is also a beach city. While you can experience diverse sites and culture while wandering around Valencia to satisfy your leisurely tastes on a holiday, visiting the beach and basking in the relaxing rays of the sun is always a viable option. When considering city beaches, Valencia Beach is a beautiful destination for a tranquil beach visit among plenty of other scenic and relaxing locations within a short distance of Valencia.
  • Valencia’s Gorgeous Weather – Valencia, Spain allows for a gorgeous Mediterranean climate among the many reasons to visit the location. Not only can you experience true culture among the sites and features in Valencia, but you can experience the pure pleasure of the comfortable, warm weather by just being present in this amazing Spanish city!
  • A Comfortable & Casual Atmosphere – The surprisingly down to earth element you will experience in Valencia is probably the best reason to visit! When considering all the destinations around the world you would like to visit, you can encounter some pretty arrogant characters with tourist ghettos separated from authentic natives. In Valencia, from the time you step off your plane, you are immediately immersed in genuine Valencian life and you get to experience people who are proud of their rich heritage who are delighted to view your interest in their culture and will gladly be of any assistance you might need.