Want To Sell Up? Top Tips to Get You Moving Fast!


It’s amazing how much clutter we seem to accumulate around our houses; but remember that what might seem to us to make the home look ‘lived in’ may dissuade a potential buyer from making an offer. Well before any viewing are due take the time to de-clutter the house to maximise the living space as this will allow the potential buyer to visualise the property with their own possessions in place. This can make a big difference on achieving interest, so here we’re going to take a close look at what you can do to de-clutter those essential rooms. Once you get the sale, it is time to book your removal firm! I recommend you call this local Bristol removals company.

The Kitchen

A good kitchen call be one of the most important factors in selling a home and it’s important not only that it’s clean and tidy but also that there isn’t too much clutter on show. Here’s the key rules:

* Counter surfaces should have no more than three appliances on show, you need to maximise the size of the top as it will help make the room seem much bigger. This is especially the case in family sized homes.

* Under the sink is often home to some of the most clutter in the home. Fling all but the bare essentials into a bag and place somewhere out of the way, and give it a good wipe over.

* Kitchen cabinets are similar graveyards for rarely (if ever) used items of kitchen detritus. Box it up and put it into storage, leaving just a couple of items to maximise shelf space.

* The Pantry should be purged again to make as much space as possible. Anything that isn’t required but is in date can be dropped of at a local food bank.

* Fridge/Freezers may not be included but they can be useful negotiating tools if they’re available and in decent condition. Use bi-carbonate of soda with lemon to make them look and smell fresh, and ensure any foods and condiments are neatly ordered and fresh.


Usually bathrooms are only a main selling point if there’s more than one but for some people the quality and cleanliness alone can be a real deal-breaker. Having too much clutter on show can be a real turn off as after all hygiene is a very personal matter. You should aim to have the bathroom similar to that you would expect in a good hotel.

* The sink should have a fresh bar of unused soap, ideally in a suitably sized tray. No toothbrushes, toothpaste or other clutter – these can be stored neatly in the cabinet or temporarily put away.

* Bathtubs and showers shouldn’t have dozens of bottles of gels, shampoos and conditioner – again leave only the most very essential in view.

* Medicines and other clutter from the cabinet or medical cupboard should be boxed away.

* Laundry cupboards should contain very neatly folded towels and sheets – if you have an excess then take them out and store.